The Fire Inside

I’m gonna wait ’til I’m head over heals
I’m gonna try to see how it feels
to hold out for the right one
Cause I have stumbled down this road before
and I will not beat down your door
without a warrant
without having run, having run

circles around emotions i feel
weeding out the ones that aren’t real
digging deep to determine, to decide
how to feed the fire inside

and we don’t always know
which way to go
and the road never looks the same
and we can’t always see
who we should be
in the middle of a running game
and i’m not gonna find my piece of mind
its a needle in a haystack
i got a heavy load
I’m headed down a road
where there’s no turnarounds
I can’t go back

once you begin
you’re on the way
the past is gone
you live for today
tomorrow is almost here
and you must decide
how to feed the fire in side.

cause when i wake
I’m a nervous wreck
cause I got more
than a pulse to keep in check

Out of the dark into the light
out of the corner into the fight