I Should Have Known

You find yourself falling so fast
assuming its all gonna last
heart on your sleeve you have to believe
its the love line that we all cast

and when things just don’t work out
you find yourself filling with doubt
was it something i said or should i have led
with a whisper in lieu of a shout

I should have known I was alone

And then one day you work up the nerve
you find someone you think you might deserve
step to the plate you’re ready for your fate
all the while you’re looking out for that curve

but you’re in so deep you slowly unwind
love has a funny way of messing up your mind
to scared to part with your lonely heart
there’s a reason they say love is blind

I should have known I was alone

I don’t want love to return
If that means i haven’t learned
all of the warning signs
of a heart getting thrown behind the lines.

The last time i asked you to dance
I was looking for a little romance
but i failed to see right in front of me
your heart would not take the chance

I should have known I was alone